Product Description
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine
PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Finish Width
Suitable Material
PP melt blown grade
Fiber Size
Fineness Variation
2-5 Micron
Working Speed
Max.Extrusion Capacity
1500kg/day (24hours)
Total Power
600KW( Working Power 350KW)
Power Supply
3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Spinneret Plate
2 pcs
N95 Electret Unit
1 set
Installation size
Detailed Images
Details Images
SJ90/33 Single Screw Extruder 1Set
1.SJ90/33 Single Screw Extruder 1Set

Material loading: raw material automatic feeding
Feeding capacity: 200kg/h
Extrusion Capacity:For pp, Max Extrusion Capacity 80kg/h,Precise Capacity depend on the material and technology process.
Screw and Barrel:
1)Dia:φ90mm,L/D 33:1
2)Screw & Barrel Material:38CrMoAlA;
4) screw hardness: HV >=740
5) barrel hardness: HV >=940
6)Antiseptic Treatment:Nitride hard chromium plating processing and surface protection
7)Nitride Depth:0.4-0.7mm,brittleness≦Lv2
8)Heater:Aluminum Casted Heater
9)Heating Power:27kw
10)Heating Control:6 Zone
Hard Tooth Surface Reducer:ZLYJ225-16-Ⅰ
1)Reduction Ratio:16:1
2)Forced Oil circulation lubrication
Hooper:Circulation Water Cooling
Rotation Speed:Converter Control
Drive Motor:45kw Converter Motor
Rotate Speed:5~80RPM

Type:Hydraulic Double Pillow Non-Stop Type
Driving motor: 3kw
Porous plate aperture:Φ3~3.5mm
Heater: 1) Heating: Ceramic outside Heating;
2) Heating Power :4.5kw;
3) Heating Zone :1 Zone;
Metering Pump 1Set
Origin: made in China
AC inverter control: China famous brand
Driving Motor: 4KW
Pressure sensor: China famous brand
Melt pipe material: seamless stainless steel pipe
Heating type: electric heating
Insulation type: rock wool + stainless steel external insulation
T die set
Model:Tube Type
Inside Wall Type T-Die :BJPM-1860N-L(NDS)
Specification:Lip Width 1860mm;
Material:A1.2133(Imported from German),The inner surface flow nanoscale hard chromium plating(High Strength,acidproof, prevent
from rusting,prevent sticky of glue)
Nozzle hole diameter: 0.3mm
Spinneret hole length to diameter ratio: 13:1
Number of spinneret holes: 2547pcs
Heating power: 24kw
Hot Air system: 1 set
Roots blower type: 150VM
Pressure: 82.7KPa
Flow: 40m3/min
Power: 75kw
Air heater one set
Heating power: 240kw
Material of tank and tube: stainless steel
Insulation type: stainless insulating
Roots blower: High pressure air to make the draft air speed to the scope of the technical requirements by frequency inverter,
roots blower can easily change the output of the air flow.
Roots blower air heating pot: the output of the heated air, in order to achieve the temperature of the process requirement.
Sunction fun.
Suction air: 30000m3/min
Power: 90kw
Connecting duct material: stainless steel
Receiving netting part: 1Set
 Line speed: 0-50m/min
Net curtain material: PA
Receiving net: eclipsed form
Spinneret distance adjustment: 150-300
Installing type: level shift
Driving power: 7.5kw
Automatic Slitting and Rewinding part: 1set
Line speed: 0-50m/min
Drive: variable frequency motor
Power: 7.5kw
Air expanding roller: paper core 3inch dia.
 * Electret treater:1Set
Brand: nantong sanxin
Input voltage: 220v/50hz
Max.output voltage: 100kv
Treating width: 1600mm
Control system
Operation screen: Venview, Taiwan
PLC: Panasonic
Inverter: KEWO
Other electric components: Chint

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