One step cheap price New small pet pp bottle injection blow molding machine for sale

Product Description

Injection blow molding machine introduction


The machine is a full automatic injection molding equipment, suitable for processing PP, PS, PE, SAN, PMMA, PC, PETG, PEN and other thermoplastic, widely used in pharmaceutical, health care products, food and beverage, cosmetics, etc..One Mold with Multi-caivity for automatic continuous production technology, using three horizontal station rotary device, hot runner system and multi-stage injection molding system,injection molding, blow molding, demolding three position and action to ensure equipment of high efficiency and energy saving operation, ensure smooth product bottle, the bottleneck of inner and outer diameter and thread high precision, no waste is the standard equipment of modern enterprise environment-friendly production.


Applicable products


Cosmetic  sectionCream bottles.  Hand care bottles. lotion  bottles…
Pharmacy sectionEye  drop  bottles,   pill   bottles ,  medicine bottles…
Food       sectionBeverage  bottles  (Milk.juice ….),baby feeding bottles…
Gum  bottles
Chemical  sectionPesticide bottles(Special )…powder  bottles …


1)One step fast molding without scrap, good for continuous production meeting GMP standard;
2)Neck and thread in high precision dimension to meet various sealing requirement;
3)Smooth party lines on body and bottom for perfect surface finishing, various shape available;
4)Max. Uniformity of bottle weight, thickness and volume;
5)High speed production with multi cavities available on different bottle size;
6)Suitable material: PE, PP, PS, SAN, PETG, EVA…etc for various bottles;
7)Different method as option, big space for ease mould changing.


Technical parameters
Injection blow molding machine parameters:
Screw diametermm404550/5560
L/D Ratio 22:122:122:122:1
Injection CapacityG176260314415
Heating section 3+N3+N4+N4+N
Total powerKW20304045
System pressureMpa14141414
Compressed air pressureMpa0.7-1.20.7-1.20.7-1.20.7-1.2
Cooling water pressureMpa0.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.4
Product maximum diametermm120120120120
Product maximum lengthmm200220220220
Product volumeml3-8003-8003-10003-1000
Equipment weightTon3.55810
Equipment workflow


Operation   principle :                                        
First, during the operation of the machine, the raw material is withdrawn from the hopper to the extruder barrel & screw assembly, which is melted to form a polymer. The molten polymer is fed into the hot runner tube and injected into the cavity and core pin by means of a nozzle injection which forms an outer shape and is clamped around the formed inner mandrel and then the first complement, in the injection device, Forming the preform (preform), the second step in the 360 degree rotating table rotation 120 degrees, to reach the blow molding device, and then in accordance with the size of the blow mold, the embryo blown into the product, the third step, stripping The When the mold is slightly cooled, there will be baffle to retract the mold and transport it to the destination using the conveyor.   

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Our customers



FAYGO UNION GROUP has 3 branch factories. One is FAYGOBLOW which design and make blow molding machine for PET, PE etc. FAYGOBLOW has 5 patents of invention, and 8 patents utility models. FAYGO PET blow molding machine is one of fastest and most energy-efficient design in the world. Second factory is FAYGOPLAST, which make plastic extrusion machinery, including plastic pipe extruding line, plastic profile extruding line. Especially FAYGOPLAST can supply high speed up to 40 m/min PE,PPR pipe line. Third factory is FAYGO RECYCLING, which research new technology in plastic bottle ,film recycling processing and pelletizing. Now FAYGO RECYCLING can make up to 4000kg/hr. PET bottle washing line, and 2000kg/hr plastic film washing line.
Now FAYGO UNION GROUP has more than 500 customers from different countries, including UK, Spain, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey Russia etc. from Europe ,and America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chilly etc from America, and Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Indonesia etc. from Asia, and many customers from Africa.
Our factory is located in Zhangjiagang city, covers an area of 26,650 square meters. It only takes around two hours driving from SHANGHAI international airport. Welcome to visit our factory, and hope to cooperate with you in the near future.

One step cheap price New small pet pp bottle injection blow molding machine for sale

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