low cost DW500 ultrasonography portable black white ultrasound scanner machine price for sale




Flexible and convenient operating system

A type of high array, high definition, multi-function full-digital real 96elements laptop ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus.

Light and portable, more clearer,delicate and smooth image, convenient to operate, and powerful electrical power ability supports the machine for consultation in various environment of cities, towns, outdoor.

A variety of charging to ensure the examination consultation under different environments.

Supernormal battery life 5-8 hours

12.1 inch LED shows the images with more flexible ways.

USB port: storable and readable

First-class digital imaging technology, more clearer image:

Full-digital beam imaging technology

Real-time dynamic receiving focus point by point

Real-time dynamic sound velocity changed

High-accuracy DSC Digital image formation technology

Intelligentized 8-segment TGC adjustment

Progressive SMT components technology to ensure machine reliability


Technical Specification


Scanning modeconvex / linear / micro-convex
Probes 96 elements convex probe,trans-vaginal probe, trans-rectal probe, high frequency linear probe
Operation panel user-friendly, convenient and flexible with back-lit silica gel keyboard & track ball operation
Monitor 12.1 inch high resolution LED
Display mode:B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B
Detecting depth:≥242mm
Resolution:lateral≤2mm, axial≤1mm
Blind Zone: ≤3mm
USB port:storable and readable
Geometry precision: lateral≤5%, axial≤5%  


Warranty / Shipping / Competitive Pricing

Warranty: 2 years, Shipping: by air or by express delivery.

Additional probes and options can be chosen from the standard product specifications listed below.

Please contact us for wholesale pricing including shipping, and availability in your region.



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DAWEI’s Service Team

    When life depends on proper diagnosis and professional treatment, you need equipment that can provide confidence. This requires trusted partners to help and ensure the system is running, to train employees and to optimize processes. Therefore, you can focus on providing answers.

    At Dawei healthcare, we take our role as a partner seriously. Whenever you need us, we will grow with you. Providing services you can rely on is the service that supports your long-term business success.

    Our experienced service team and clinical engineering specialists can execute brand, technology and device class technical solutions to provide customized integration services to meet customer needs. At present, it serves over 3,000 medical institutions in 160 countries and regions with over 10,000 kinds of medical devices.      Our manufacturing centers, service centers and partners are located all over the world, and the expertise of more than 1,000 engineers, technicians and customer service specialists enables us to quickly understand your needs and solve your problems with the most efficient processes.


DAWEI’s R&D Team

    Dawei has grown into a modern, globally active medical technology company. R & D is always the first priority of Dawei Medical.

    In recent years, the R&D department has been constantly expanding and strengthening its staff. The existing R&D base is more than 10,000 square meters, with more than 50 R&D staff, who apply for patents more than 20 times a year. R&D investment has accounted for 12% of the total sales volume and is growing at a rate of 1% per year. In the development of new products, Dawei user feedback is very important, we attach great importance to cooperation and communication, we believe that a good product will be highly appraised by users. In addition to new developments, existing products are constantly being developed and improved. In all development, accuracy, stable and high quality are always our insistence.




Regularly participate in various foreign Medical exhibitions, such as Medica, Arab Health, ExpoMed and others.


Global network

DAWEI is one of the largest of Ultrasound equipments manufacturer. The mission is to provide ultrasound equipment solutions that combine the highest quality products, experience and knowledge.



     Many international OEM customers use Dawei products to complement their product range. Our OEM customers work with us to define their product concepts and can benefit from our experience and expertise in product development, manufacturing and marketing.

     The product you are looking for may already exist or partially exist. It can be effectively created by tweaking the process of many components. Dawei’s development division covers all the steps of the innovation process – from conception to market acceptance.

     In our manufacturing center, we have excellent engineers and technicians who make precision tools for the medical industry. They know how to perform highly precise tasks. To maintain this level of professionalism, we support the ongoing training and education of our employees – for their own benefit as well as that of our customers and partners.

     Dawei company is always adhere to all the quality system, and all the products passed CE and ISO. Quality, is Dawei’s life. To be a partner, Dawei is reliable. Contact us.


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     Over the past 14 years since its inception, Dawei has become a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment. Its mission is to protect human health services and make healthcare more accessible and affordable around the world. Dawei Medical’s core business is ultrasound diagnostic technology solutions. Our products conform to product-specific standards and specifications and will continue to be improved to keep us in line with standards and the latest technology.

    At present, Dawei Medical has users and third-party partners in more than 160 countries and regions. Dawei Medical equipment exports more than 100,000 units, and more than 5 million patients worldwide benefit from Dawei, including medical diagnosis, clinical monitoring and digital medical services. We have 14 years of experience in medical technology and more than 1000 patents. Many international OEM customers use Dawei products to complement their product range. And can benefit from our experience and expertise in product development, manufacturing and marketing.

     Whenever you need us, we will grow with you. Provide services that you can rely on. Provide services that support your long-term business success.



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