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  diamond core bit segment for reinforced concrete/Stone


 24*4*10mm  ( Specialized in making any sizes of diamond segment, we can make many different kinds of quality and sizes to fit your market and your stone. )


 76mm-230mm core drill bit ( 25-350mm diamond core drill bit segment can make )


 Diamond core drill bit segment Used for drilling reinforced concrete, granite etc. 

Cutting Feedback

108mm core drill bit with 9PCS Roof Segment  cut 3 holes with 3PCS 32 diameter Rebar.

The deep is 400mm,108mm RPM is 700-800mm.152mm RPM is 300-400mm


 Color box,double blister card,skin packing,white box etc

Supply ability

 50,000 pcs/month(We accept mixed order)


ISO9001&Gold Supplier

Factory=Quality Control=Competitive Price=Owntechnology=OEM

Example:Roof Drilling Segment for diameter 6″/152mm in 14pcs pack Segment size: 24 x 4.0 x 10mm

  • We produce professional diamond segment for drilling of different type of bricksand concrete, especially for reinforced concrete with different aggregate.
  • Fastcutting with good life.


1. When you choose the segment, pls pay attention to the segment numbr per core bits.

2. Better use drill motor over 2000W when drill holes over 100mm. And speed better above 400rpm.

3. Suitable both for silver rod/ bar solering and cooper rod brazing


Core bit Diameter(mm)Seg. Length(mm)Seg. Thickness(mm)Seg. Height(mm)







230/250/300/350244.5 10

                         Other specifications of diamond core bit segment are available upon request.


HUAZUAN Advantage






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Problems & solutions for drilling with diamond core bits

1.The core will not drill
• The material is too hard for the core bit application range: use a specification suitable for the material in question
• The diamond impregnation is blunt: sharpen the tool with a grinding stone or abrasive material
• Speed too high: reduce speed
• Water flow too high: reduce water flow
• Excessive play of the drilling stand guides: set up the drilling stand
correctly, or have it repaired
• Drilling stand not properly anchored: improve anchoring, use suitable dowels
and a thread rod
• Insufficient machine power: check the motor speed and slip-clutch. Use a more
powerful drill
• Drill motor running, but core bit not rotating: low contact pressure so that the slip clutch is not engaging. If the problem reoccurs, have the drill repaired


2.Excessive wear of the diamond segments
• Insufficient flow of water. Drilling sludge sharpens the diamonds and also wears them down: increase the water flow
• Feed / contact pressure too high: reduce feed
• Drilling material is very abrasive: use a harder core bit segment specification
• Excessive motor power: adjust the motor speed to reflect the core bit diameter
• Core drilling system has too much play, causes excessive vibrations: check and correct the settings.

Tighten screws, effect repairs as needed
• The drill stand is not properly anchored: improve anchoring, use adjusting screws (make sure they are adjustable).

Use the right dowels and threaded rods or the material that you are drilling

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