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TEENKING CNC Machinery CO., LTD was established in 2004, specializing in manufacturing high efficiency CNC cutting machines.  TeenKing Waterjet is commonly used to cut steel, metal, marble, stone and glass, etc.  By becoming the preferred choice of the high end customers at home and abroad, we are dedicated in producing quality products with our know how and innovations, in order to give good service and fulfill our customers’ requirements. By making our customers as our partners, we work together to achieve their needs, maximum economical benefits and produce easy to use machines. 


With the development and enlargement of the company, we strive for perfection through our motto “Innovations, Practice, Diligence”.  We insist on “better quality and service” to serve our customer’s needs.  We appreciate your opinions and feedbacks which will help us improve and be closer to perfection.  We are making “Teen King” a worldwide brand and at the same time satisfy all our customer needs.



Product decription

A full set of abrasive waterjet cutting machine includes work table, CNC controller, High pressure system with cooling system, Auto abrasive feeder, Water treatment and Sludge Removal System, etc.

Waterjet can cut almost every thing, including: stainless steel, hard tool steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass, bronze, titanium, tungsten steel, zirconia, glass, plexiglass, rubber, ceramic,marble, granite, etc.



Teenking 5 Axis Waterjet

3D head

It is a 5-axis motion. With 2 rotating axis, 3D waterjet can cut at fixed or varying angle on 2D or 3D worksheet surface.


Teenking 3D waterjet is most popularly applied in extensive processing industries, handling all kinds of complicated cutting cases easily, such as vertical cut, tiltling cut and cut on 3D part surface, etc. With dynamic compensation, 3D head offsets the natural taper of jet to ensure the exact cutting effect and high accuracy.


Main function

a) Dynamic vertical cut compensating,

b) Beveling cut within ±60º(extendable to ±90º),

c) Cut with varying angle (within ±60º) on 2D and 3D part surface (extendable to ±90º)



Why Teenking 3D waterjet?

a) Prime Patented Design with excellent sealing, expending service life of cutting head

b) Harmonic drive inside(no backlash), decreasing maintenance cost in future

c) Infinite C axis rotation, avoiding travel limit in processing

d) Water/dust proof: lp64, ensure good working state of cutting head


Teenking 3D is the best choice for all your verious cutting!



DY tilting head

DY head can cut at a fixed tilting angle on the

planeof worksheet, following internal or external contourline. It can also cut at varying angles,

max tilting upto +/-7 degree with extremely high accuracy.Especially suitable for high-precision metal processingand high-end ceramic or stone parquet, etc.


Main functions

a)Compensated vertical cutting

b)Tilting cutting within +/-8 degree

DYB beveling head

DYB head can cut at a fixed tilting angle on the plane of worksheet, following internal or external contour line. It can also cut at varying angles, max tilting up to +/-14 degree. It’s mainly applied in ceramic and stone parquet cutting. The head can tilt +/-15 degree, cutting sharp corner without arc. Cutting bottom is minimized to leave space for parquet glue, and surface is seamless. It’s the best choice for parquet cutting, cutting with full speed but to keep perfect workpiece surface.


Main functions

a)Dynamic vertical cut compensating

b)Tilting cut within +/-15 degree


                            Teenking High Pressure System
OHP from Taiwan (Most stable Flow type intensifier)


Accustream from USA

Main motor
German Siemens Motor
  Model  TK-Trump50/   TK-Trump100
  Drive system  Motor
  Pressure system  Intensifier
  Max. cutting pressure  420MPa/60000psi 
  Continuous working pressure  350-380MPa/50000-55000psi
  Max. flow rate  3.6L/min /                  7.0L/min
  Nonimal power  37KW/50HP            75KW/100HP
  Power Supply  380V/50Hz, 3 Phases
  1.    Imported original intensifier and accumulator assembly are specially adapted to ensure system stability and service life.
  2.  With effective fan-oil cooling system, oil temperature is strictly control to not over 60 degrees Celsius, guaranteeing life of sealing elements.
  3. Various Instruments monitor data of temperature, pressure and running.
  4. Auto dual pressure (low/high range 70~380MPa) pressure control system enables automatic low/high pressure switching when cutting, decreasing damages to work pieces.


                                   Teenking Work Table 



 Gantry type    

Cantilever type

              Available cutting area   (mm)           (For more size, please contact us freely.)










Max speed in X,Y axis



Max speed in Z axis3m/min


Tolerance square



Tolerance circle

(dia 500mm)



Position in X,Y axis


≤+/-0.05mm per 300mm


Reposition tolerance


≤+/-0.02mm/ full range

   HIWIN liner guide, ABBA ball screw/  Auto central lubrication/ Unique sealing/   Laser checkout equipment


                             Teenking Controller
1. 19″ touch screen sets you free from keyboard and mouse when control machine.
2. Built-in Teenking material database, simply choose material and thickness, machine will automatically finish the remaining work and give you ideal part.
3. Teenking CNC control card, support absolute value encoder servo system.
4. Japan Yaskawa absolute value encoder servo motor supports power-break resume, making no more back to reference possible!
5. Italian ECS control system and German Baumüller absolute value encoder servo system as optional units!


                             Recommended Units

Water Treatment

Precise filtration up to  0.1

micron and auto softened 

Auto Cycling Fan Cooling System        

Mantain the oil temperature   

within 20 degrees higher       than environment  temperature 


Auto Abrasive Feeder     

Deliver the abrasive

automatically by pressed         

air (2.5 bars) , volume

controlled by the level  of the hopper.

Sludge removal system

Automatically clean up and collect sludge from water tank     



Refrigerant chiller

Cooling inlet water and

extend high pressure

pump lift

5 hp oil cooler 

Cooling down hydraulic oil, suitable for high

temperature areas

Auto abrasive delivery system

1000kg jumble bag non-stop abrasive feeding system

Sludge removal system

Dual pumps removal system  

Independent dual cutting heads

Can choose single or dual    head(s) work together,

distance between heads  

is adjustable.

Auto height tracking system

Track height of material before and during cutting

Laser locator

Help for locating nozzle

Engraving head

Help to do engraving work when needed



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