High-Clearance self-propelled agricultural pesticide tractor mounted boom sprayer

Product Description

High-Clearance self-propelled agricultural pesticide tractor mounted boom sprayer

1. The Electric Sprayer is soft, simple and convenient to operate. 2. Four-wheel steering, easy steering, less pressure, more
cost-effective, unique system, 3 minutes alignment.
3. Can Rise and fall scatters fertilizer implement, add fertilizer convenient and quick, spread fertilizer evenly.
4. Unique gear-up mechanism, easy to operate.
5. Follow the design of the loading locomotive frame and hydraulic system, strong resistance to damage, durable.
Features: Wide Spray Range,

large capacity, high efficiency, better performance: good atomization, anti-drift, subsection design of forged aluminum

anti-corrosion Treatment Spray Rod. Automatic Expansion and contraction, easy operation, unique three-cylinder Valve Design and configuration, good controllability, compact structure, beautiful and generous, good practicality, the utility model can be widely used for pre-sowing soil treatment, weeding at seedling stage and controlling diseases and insect pests of crops such as soybean,wheat, rice, potato, and plants such as Chinese herbal medicine, herbage, garden flowers, etc. . This machine is suitable for spraying all kinds of herbicides.

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