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ARJ21 turbofan passenger aircraft regional jet

Designed and manufactured in China, it owns independent intellectual property right.

78 to 90 seats , 2 flight crew system

The first aircraft of which the Type Certification application is submitted to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) according to FAR25

The standard range of the ARJ21 is 2,225 kilometers (1,380 miles).

 The model’s maximum range is 3,700 kilometers (2,300 miles).

The maximum takeoff weight of the ARJ21 is 40,500 kg (89,000 lbs)

Service ceiling is 11,900 meters (39,000 feet).

3.5 flight hours match the need between the Center Airports or Small Cities, such as fm Shanghai to Chengdu, China.


More less selling price than world other type turbo-fan aircrafts

Lower direct operating costs

Low maintenance cost

More less fuel cost, green energy-saving, low emission

Delivering more superior gas mileage


More comfortable, more reliability and high performance than other types

The seats is bigger, the cabin is large, and the cargo layout is bigger


Powered by two tail-mounted General Electric CF34-10A engines

More advanced aviation electronic system


Economic life is designed to be 60,000 flying hours or 20 calendar years


Basic aircraft can be derived to multi-purpose aircrafts

Passenger cargo planes

VIP business planes, etc


More integrity, maintainability, compatibility with big aircrafts fleet

Strong background and good reputation and service support system give more value and options for users

Safe, reliable, matured and multiple use platform and continuing improvement ability benefit all new and old users.

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