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1. Railway Fishplate / Joint Bar/ Splice Bar
1) Type: To 90ARA,100RE,115RE,132RE supporting the North America markets joint bar.
To UIC50,UIC54,UIC60 supporting the Europe, Asia and Africa fish plates. 
To TJ45; TJ57 supporting the South America markets splice bar.
To BS60; BS75;BS80A,BS90 supporting the British Commonwealth fishplates.
2) Raw material: 45#, 50#, B7,etc.
3) Surface: Natural or Paint.
2. Railway Rail Baseplate/Rail Steel Plate
1) Type: For 100RE,115RE,132RE,136RE,90ARA-A,UIC50,UIC54,UIC60,TJ45,TJ57,BS69,BS75,BS80A,BS90 rail,etc.
2) Raw Material: 45#,QT400-15, QT450-10.QT500-7.

3) Process: Forging,Casting,Rolled.
4) Surface: Natural,Oil,etc.
3. Screw Spike/Sleeper Screw/Railway Rail Fasteners
1) Type: Ss series square spikes from Ss1/130 to Ss25/165 and BS square spike, Twisted spike, 70 type spikes,etc. 
2) Raw Material: Q235, 45#, 55#,55Q,etc.
3) Grade: 4.6, 4.8,5.6, 8.8.
4) Surface: Natural (oil), Black paint, Zinc, etc.
4. Dog Spike/Railroad Spike/Track Spikes
1) Type: 5/8×6’’9/16×5-1/2’’,3/8×3-1/2’’,1/2×3-1/2’’,16×16×165,15.9×139.7;etc.
2) Raw material: Q235, 55#, 45#, 40Mn2, 20MnSi;etc.
3) Grade: 4.6 4.8 5.6 6.8 10.9 12.9.
4) Surface: Natural, Black, Zinc; etc.
5. Rail Clip/E clip/Fast Clip/SKL Clip/Pandrol Clip
1) Type: E1609,E1809,E1817,E2055,E2056,E2009,E2001,E2006,PR401,PR309,etc.
2) Raw Material: 60Si2MnA,38Si7,etc.
3) Surface: Natural (oil); Black Paint; Color Paint; Zinc; etc.
6. Fishtail Bolt/ Joint Bar Bolt/Fishbolt
1) Type: To 115RE; 132RE joint bar supporting the US-made AREMA track bolts;
To UIC54; UIC60 fishplate supporting the UIC track bolts and square bolts;
To BS60; BS75 fish plate matching the European standard fishbolt.

To TJ45; TJ57 splice bar supporting South America standard fishtail bolt.

Railway bolts: T bolt, HS26, HS32 series T bolt, turnout, hex bolt,Subway bolts.
2) Grade: 4.6, 4.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9,etc.
3) Material: Q235, 35#, 45#, 40Cr; etc.
7. Rubber Pad/Under Rail Pad/Rubber Crossing Plate
1) Type: R54 1435mm, R54 1067mm, R60 1435mm, ZW687, ZW700.
Pandrol series #7, #8, #9, #11, #12, #13 Nylon Insulators.
2) Raw Material: Rubber.
3) Surface: Natural.
8. Clamp Plate/Rail Clamp/Anchor Plate
1) Type: KPO1,KPO3, KOP06, 9116/08/29;9116/08/37;9216/08/40,9216/08/44,etc.
2) Raw Material: Q235.45#,etc.
3) Surface: Natural, Black Paint,Zinc, etc.
9. Rail Shoulder
1) Type: For90RE,100RE,115RE,136RE rail, etc.
2) Raw material: QT400-15.QT450-10.QT500-7,etc.
3) SURFACE: Natural.
10. Steel Rail Turnout/Rail Switch
1) Used in UIC54,UIC60,54E1,60E1,115RE, 132RE,BS80A, railway rail.
2) Specification:UIC54,UIC60,115RE, 132RE, 100RE,BS80A,60E1,54E1.
3) Raw material:High Manganese Steel

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HANZI Industrial Shanghai Co., Ltd is an experienced and reliable producer of high quality full set railroad materials system.We have factories equipped with full set railway fastening machines, wagons and locomotive production lines which can afford customer’s different railway and equipments products requests.


As Alibaba Trade Assurance Member,HANZI has built the intensive quality control networks, established strict rules and inspection standards.We only assigned professional and experienced staffs during the whole procedure as the key resource of the quality control.


As Alibaba verified Golden Supplier, HANZI is always committed to providing you with a complete set of railway accessory systems to fit your needs: Steel Rail, Rail Clip, Fishplate(Joint Bar), Baseplate, Rubber Pad, Rubber Crossing Plates, Screw Fasteners, Rail Clamps, Rail  Anchors, Turnout, Wagons, Locomotive and Rail Maintenance Machines, etc. 

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