Auto loading unloading  1325  atc tools change wood cnc router



BCM1325E Loading and Unloading system
1) Working area: 1300*2500*200mm
2)CE standard

3) Panel Loading and Unloading system (Automatic )
4) Italian HSD 9.5KW(12HP) Electrospindle with 8-position Automatic Tool Changer(ISO30)
5) 15mm Heavy duty body
6)Active safety system
7)Helical rack and pinion drivers on X and Y axis, Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission
8)25mm Heavy-duty Hiwin HG Series linear bearing
9)Vacuum table with Pump
10)Taiwan Syntec 6MB
11)Japan Yaskawa servo motor and drivers system
12)Delta brand VFD-B variable frenquency drive
13)10 Position Automatic Tool Changer (options: 12,14,16 position)
14)Tool Cone Holder-for east bit changing
15)Solid State limit switches
16)3 Years Warranty


  What machine we stock in warehouse

Warehouse Location

Machine model and stock quantity

Which country can get machine during one week

Around price

Dubai,United Arab Emirates

CNC Router machine BCM1325S:10 sets  

Co2 laser machine BCJ6090-80w:1 set

Oman /Yemen/ Saudi Arabia /Jordan /Iraq/ Kuwait Pakistan /Qatar

BCM1325S FOB Dubai price:12610$

BCJ6090-80w FOB Dubai price:4000$

( Including delivery, install ,Training ,3 Years Warranty )

Birmingham,United Kingdom

CNC router ATC :BCM1530C:2 sets

Switzerland /New Zealand /Sweden/ Italy/ France

BCM1325C FOB UK price: 39444$

( Including delivery, install ,Training ,3 Years Warranty )

Wittingen ,Germany

CNC router BCM1325S  : 1 set

Laser machine BCJ6090-80wCo2 :1 set

Poland /Switzerland /Sweden

BCM1325S FOB Germany price: 19400$

BCJ6090-80w FOB Germany price: 5500$

( Including delivery, install ,Training ,3 Years Warranty )







1. What is the warranty period for the equipment?

Three years warranty and 24 hours online professional technical support.


2.Why does your company have such a bad rating on alibaba? Your customers are not very good.

All customers is good.


3.Do you have any service facility in our country ,if the machine have problem ,what can you do ?

If there is a problem on the day, you can contact us immediately. Our after-sales service is online 24 hours a day, we can provide online support immediately, and our engineers can speak English. If the problem can’t be solved by online,we can send our engineers to your country.


4.How can I get my machine ,what is the way to transport the machine?

We have a professional freight forwarding company here, we will choose the most suitable transportation route according to the location you provide. If you provide the industrial location, we can provide door-to-door service. You only need to provide the address to us.





 What criteria are decisive when buying a BCAM CNC Router? 
If you have decided to buy a BCAM CNC Mill to facilitate some work or to make special work possible, immediately one question comes to mind: “What do I have to consider when buying a CNC Router?”

The size
Before I search for a suitable manufacturer, I should have a good idea of in which size I want to edit the desired material. Because the maximum traveldictates the maximum size of my workpiece. Do I perhaps prefer to process larger workpieces? Then I should observe the maximum travel of the selected machine.
The motor and its performance
Furthermore is crucial which materials I would like to process because this depends on the required performance of the milling spindle. Soft materials such as wood consume significantly less drive power than hard metals such as steel or cast steel. Here a competent milling machine manufacturers will be happy to advise you.
Hardness and toughness of the material
Also concerning the torsional rigidity of the machine, the material to be processed is crucial. Soft materials will demand the milling machine other than hard materials, such as aluminium and steel. The harder a material is, the stiffer the CNC Router should be built. Only in this way a high accuracy in hard materials, especially metals, are guaranteed.
A CNC Router Machine should be as well adapted to the material to be machined as possible. Someone who workes mainly wood should get a one-on tailored CNC machine. The more accurately the machine fits the demands of the material, the more accurate the milling results.

1)How to use the machine after receving the machine

Firstly , when you got machine , you need to contact with us ,our engineer will together with your to deal with it ,secondly ,we send user manuals and

 CD to you before you get the machine ,Thirdly Our professional technician online teach you until you can use it well by yourself.          


2)Payment terms,There are 2 ways to pay money . 1)T/T, means international bank transfer. 30% deposit, we produce the machine for you. 70% before shipping.

 It is convenient and fast. 2)Alibaba Secure payment. Reliable and safe, Alibaba will charge a little handling fee.        


3)How to choose a suitable machine?

You can tell us the working piece material, size, and the request of machine function. We can recommend the most suitable machine according to our experience.

Other kinds of payment we can consider if acceptable for us.


4)Do you have a setup and equipment commissioning service?

Yes,we have. The machine was installed and debugged before delivery. You can use the machine directly after receiving it. Of course, we also could let our technologists go to your country to install and debug the machine.


5) What is the warranty period for the equipment?

Three years warranty and 24 hours online professional technical support.


7)With these four questions I quickly find out which CNC Router is suitable for my needs:
What size are my workpieces to be processed?
What engine power do I need for my hard / soft material?
How hard are the materials to be processed concerning the required torsional stiffness of the machine?
How exactly is the selected CNC Router adapted to my desired materials / workpieces?


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