48V20Ah 30Ah rechargeable metal case E-rickshaw lithium lifepo4 battery BMS built in

Costomized 48V20Ah 30Ah E rickshaw lithium ion lifepo4 battery EV battery smart BMS built inside

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lifepo4 battery






Rated capacity as per requirement

Discharge cut-off voltage

2.3V per cell

Maximum Charge voltage

3.65V per cell

Standard charge current


Max working current


Charging and charger

CC/CV with matched charger (100% matched with PMW,MPPT Solar Controller)



Working temperature

Charge:0-60 degree

Discharge:-20-55 degree

Storage temperature

minus 20 – 55 degree

Normal temperature capacity


Cycle life

3000 cycles with DOD 100% to 80% capacity under normal temperature


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Advantage of lithium lifepo4 battery :

1,Longer lifespan 3000times cycle ;

2,Lighter weight, is about 1/3 of lead acid battery;

3,Environment protection, no heavy metal polution ;

4,Better high-temp performance, can stand 85 degrees the most;

5,Higher discharge DOD , 90-100% , much higher than 50% of lead acid battery;

6,Cost-effective, can be used at least 5 years, longer lifespan than SLA battery 1 years. 

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Company Information

Shenzhen Grenergy Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Grenergy, is an experienced and reliable manufacturer of green energy solutions and rechargeable batteries.
Grenergy has an experienced R&D team and hence can provide customized & one stop solution for global OEM/ODM customers. We can also do cost & leadtime optimization as per customers’ requirements.
With strict quality assurance policy, Grenergy ensures the high standards in all production stages, offering high-quality battery products, with a focused goal of providing a world class solution.
To conclude, Grenergy is committed to offering innovative battery and energy solutions that would prove to be not only profitable but also environment friendly.



Why choose us

1. We offer one-stop power solutions, which saves design time and cost for customer:
— Pack design / External Case design / BMS design

2. Strict quality control system which enhances customers’ competitiveness:
— 100% PCM test by IQC
— 100% Capacity test by OQC

3. Delivery on time & excellent service:
— Fast Delivery in 10 days if stock
— 8h response & 48h solution

4. Experienced R&D team, be customer’s professinonal power solution consultant:
— Comprehensive Battery Test Center (Safety and Reliable test)
— Powerful ODM Ability to Afford Customized Design Requirement

Contact us:

Mr. Harry Han


Tel No. : 86 18820487527

Email: harry at grenergycn.com

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